American Standard and Mediagistic have partnered to bring you a new program…

Establishing an online presence without breaking the bank! is the affordable solution for dealers who want to take the first step in establishing a strong online brand presence. Developed specifically with modest budgets in mind, base program will help you start to build your digital footprint with a professional website, domain evaluation, logo optimization and more. With minimal investment, you’ll start to see your digital footprint, as well as your brand voice, take shape quickly.


As your online presence becomes more familiar to your customers, you can add additional services to help capitalize on lead-generation efforts like paid ads on platforms such as Google and Facebook. 

For just


you get:

Website Development

First step: choose a site design from three distinct options. From there, we’ll customize the design with information and images relevant to your business and the areas you service. Your new site will also be mobile-responsive, and contain up to 15-pages of pre-written, boilerplate HVAC related content.

Domain Evaluation Services

You’ll be provided training assistance for your domain purchase and website activation with the registrar.

Google Analytics Account Set-up

We will work closely with you to ensure that your Google Analytics Account is setup and the tracking codes are placed on your website properly. Once the account is activated, you’ll receive the login credentials for administrative access. This will allow you to have full visibility to the activities of those who visit your site such as: when they visit, their geographical location and what pages they viewed. This is valuable information to begin documenting as you build your online presence.

Logo Optimization

We will be optimizing your current company logo file to ensure you have the various formats needed when creating your branding elements. The logo you provide will be reconstructed “as-is” and provided back to you in the standard formats the creative industry uses when developing advertising elements. Whether they are creating your business cards or designing your van wrap, they will ask for ‘working files’ of your logo. Now the files you need will be at your fingertips!

CMS Access & Hosting

You will have full access to the Content Management System (CMS) on the platform that hosts your website. This access allows you to update your website at any time, from anywhere. Training and support is available to you online with step-by-step instructions on how to update every element of your website.

Choose your design

3 Easy Qualifications

All American Standard dealers are eligible to participate in the program as long as they meet a few guidelines.

The status of your website

There are two paths to this qualification: you either have a website or you don’t. If you don’t have a website then you have come to the right place… this program is perfect for you! If you do have a website then there will be an evaluation completed to ensure the new site would not interfere with any presence you have already created online. The goal of this program is to ensure you have a mobile-responsive website that professionally represents your brand to customers in your area.

Your marketing budget

This program was specifically designed to assist dealers who typically spend less than $10,000 per year on their marketing efforts. Sometimes these funds are spent on some direct mail pieces or perhaps a small billboard near the shop. These are excellent efforts to help build brand awareness in your area but doesn’t help if consumers cannot find you online. If you typically spend about this much money each year advertising your business then participating in is an excellent investment in the future success of your online presence.

American Standard is your primary HVAC brand

In order to qualify for this program, American Standard must be your primary brand. The website will be developed to meet current American Standard co-op guidelines and will not be co-branded with any other manufacturer.

Additional services available:

Facebook Account Set-up

This is the perfect opportunity to have your company’s Facebook page professionally created. This service includes the creation of your Facebook account, creation of a customized banner featuring your company name and logo and website coding to link your new website to your new Facebook page. You will receive login credentials and administrative access to the account.


Directory Listing Service

Almost equally important to a professional website is NAP consistency across the major internet directories. This add-on service will ensure that your Name, Address, and Phone are correctly displayed so consumers can easily locate your contact information. Some of the primary directories that will be included in this update are Google My Business, Yelp, Bing and CitySearch.


*price per year

Database Plotting Services

What better way to understand your service area than to visually see the areas you service the most. By providing your database we can plot this information utilizing an interactive mapping software so you can review the data and evaluate where the majority of your business is originating. This information can be invaluable to your marketing efforts and help you pinpoint areas where you may need to grow your brand. All you need to provide is the address, city, state and zip code of the homes you have serviced and we will do the rest!


Direct Mail

Every year American Standard promotes an extremely competitive offer to entice consumers to replace their older systems. You can capitalize on this promotion by enrolling in a direct mail campaign specifically created to target homeowners in your service area. The 9x6 postcard utilizes the latest American Standard ad in addition to your company information and special offers. You can enroll for the Spring Promo, the Fall Promo, or both!


*Price based on a quantity of 4,000 postcards, per season

Program Approval

By submitting this signup, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions which are outlined below. This information is also available for view online at


This program is non-cancellable and requires a 12-month commitment.


The Program Base Package includes the services listed below at the price of $4,188:

  1. Website Development
  2. Domain Evaluation Services
  3. Google Analytics Account Set-up
  4. Logo Optimization Services
  5. CMS Access and Hosting


If Additional services were selected, you will be billed accordingly.


Submission of this enrollment does not guarantee services will be rendered. Upon enrollment, you will receive an invoice outlining the charges for your enrollment which is due upon receipt. The invoice will include a payment link where you may enter your credit/debit card information to process your payment. Your credit card information will remain securely on file. Upon completion of the 12-month commitment, you will be charged the monthly service fee as outlined within your service order.


Upon receipt of payment, services will begin.

Terms & Agreement


Participation in the Program (the “Program”) is a 12-month, non-cancellable commitment.


Tracking Phone Numbers

The Program does not include a SMART tracking phone number (“ad-tracking” telephone number). It is the sole responsibility of the participating dealer to purchase and maintain any customized phone numbers utilized on the website.



Program payments will be billed in one installment via electronic invoice and is due upon receipt. Invoice will include the Base Program Package of $4,188 as well as any charges related to additional services selected during enrollment.


Amendments, Modifications, or Exceptions

Mediagistic reserves the right to amend, modify, or cancel the program, or any portion at any time. Amendments are not effective unless they are published by Mediagistic in formal Guidelines or are signed by an authorized Mediagistic representative. Any exceptions to the program guidelines must be approved in writing by an authorized Mediagistic representative.


No Other Obligation

Mediagistic shall have no fiduciary duties or other special duties of any kind to any Dealer under the program other than as expressly set forth in these guidelines.


Legal Liability

By participating in this program, each participating Dealer warrants that its marketing programs and initiatives are in compliance with all antitrust pricing laws and federal/state/local regulations. Mediagistic does not undertake any legal responsibility for the local management and execution of their marketing programs.


Document Retention

It is the Dealer’s responsibility to maintain copies of supporting documentation and claim reimbursement paperwork for a minimum of 24 months after reimbursement. Prior to implementing any change in your record retention policies, please consult with your accountant and attorney to determine whether you need to retain these records for other business or legal purposes. 


Co-op Claims Submission & Auditing

It is the sole responsibility of the Dealer to submit for manufacturer/distributor co-op reimbursements. Mediagistic will submit the website for co-op pre-approval prior to site activation and the Dealer will be provided with those pre-approval codes for use in their co-op submission. All reimbursements are subject to audit and, in the event reimbursement is received on any claim that is later determined to be ineligible, the Dealer acknowledges that their co-op account may be debited in the amount of the ineligible claim plus reasonable and customary expenses incurred for conducting the audit. After site activation, Dealer will maintain administrative access to the website and agree to follow approved American Standard co-op guidelines. Mediagistic makes no guarantee of future co-op approval once Dealer is granted access to the website.


Program Violation

Violation of these guidelines may result in termination of the applicable Distributor Agreement or Dealer Sales Agreement or any portion thereof, including but not limited to an immediate revocation of any and all rights to use or display American Standard intellectual property (logo’s, trademarks, creative).


Privacy Policy Disclosure Statement

As part of this program and within American Standard's sole discretion, American Standard collects various information to support its development and delivery of quality products, services, and programs to its consumers. In order to ensure that American Standard programs are provided and that proper quality in service is achieved, American Standard may from time to time directly contact homeowners who purchase American Standard products or services to survey customer satisfaction, to evaluate homeowner’s reactions to an interest in American Standard products and services, and to conduct research activities. These surveys are a result of such things as independent dealer programs, product registrations, extended warranties, etc. and may be provided to you for the homeowner’s future purchase of American Standard products and services. Any information received or obtained by American Standard will be held in accordance with American Standard 's privacy policy, which may be obtained at American Standard may from time to time also directly contact homeowners when requested by the homeowner, when required by contract or law, or when a registered homeowner has not received all available coverage for its American Standard products.



The Program requires a 12-month commitment and cannot be canceled within the commitment period. At the completion of the commitment the dealer is eligible to request cancellation and deactivation of their website. Cancellation requires thirty (30) days written notice sent via email to Dealer is subject to any fees incurred during the cancellation period. If no such request is made at the end of, or prior to, the 12-month commitment, the site will automatically renew for $99 per month. Thereafter the same thirty (30) days written notice for cancellation is required.



This sales plan is subject to termination or modification at any time by Mediagistic.